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Scott Bukatman - Editorial Review Board

Professor of Film Studies in Art and Art History at Stanford University

He is the author of two books: Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction, published by Duke University Press, was one of the earliest book-length studies of "cyberculture", and is currently in its third printing. The book combined close readings of film, fiction, comics, games and journalism to identify and analyze an emergent subjectivity within electronic culture. The emphasis was on, first, the ways in which science fiction anticipated the discourses of postmodernism and provided a template for the critical discourses of such theorists as Debord, Baudrillard, Haraway, Jameson and others and, second, isolating a phenomenological dimension to the supposedly disembodied discourses of digital culture. Bukatman's second book, a monograph on Blade Runner commissioned by the British Film Institute, continued to explore the intersection of cinema and technological experience, this time by reading the film against the background of Georg Simmel's urban sociology and city films of the 1920s and 1930s.

Bukatman has also published in such journals as Camera Obscura, Architecture New York, October, and Iris, and his work (both original and reprinted) has appeared in many anthologies. A collection of essays, considering special effects as a paradigmatic of the experience of modernity, and popular media as, in fact, mediating between new technologies and human perceptual experience, is one of his next projects. Bukatman taught extensively, at New York University, Yale University, the Free University in Berlin, and elsewhere. He was part of the Media Arts Program at the University of New Mexico from 1994-1997, helping to develop a program in film studies. Since 1997 has been a faculty member in both the departments of Art History and Comparative Literature at Stanford University, where he has also been working on the establishment of a film studies program. He has lectured extensively in both the United States and Europe. In 1988, Bukatman curated a major retrospective of the film and television work of Jerry Lewis for the American Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, and in 1994 he was a co-organizer of "Cine City: Film and Perceptions of Urban Space 1895-1995" at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Courses that Bukatman has developed include the usual array of film aesthetics and theory courses, but also a range of interdisciplinary, intermedial offerings including: Cinema and the City, World's Fairs and Theme Parks, Cyborgs and Synthetic Humans, Phenomenology of Film, Theories of the Information Age, and Film and the Machine Age. He co-taught with an architectural historian (while at UNM) and a philologist (at Stanford). He is currently preparing a book on the presentation of New York as a utopian, performative space of modernist concentration in musical film sequences, to be called Syncopated City.

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