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ImageTexT Volume 7, Issue 3 2014

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Comics and Post-Secondary Pedagogy

A special issue of ImageTexT edited by James Bucky Carter and Najwa Al-Tabaa

TEACHING! POW! COMICS! BAM!: Pedagogical Approaches to Comics in Post-Secondary Classrooms Najwa Al-Tabaa


Comics Poetry: Praxis and Pedagogy Tamryn Bennett and Guillermo Batiz
Creating Graphic Nonfiction in the Postsecondary English Classroom to Develop Multimodal Literacies Emily A. Wierszewski
Webcomics, Multimodality, and Information Literacy Dale Jacobs
Library 1100: Information Literacy, Sequential Art, and Introduction to Library Research Robert G. Weiner and Carrye Kay Syma
Comics as a Design Ecosystem: A Case for Comics in Design Education Erik A. Evensen
Too Much Reading: Teaching Liberal Arts Comic Courses In A Studio College Diana Green


Toward a History of the Black Superhero: Review of Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes Ezra Claverie
Review of Teaching Comics and Graphic Narratives: Essays on Theory, Strategy and Practice Oriana Gatta
Gosh! Terry Harpold
Review of Crossing Boundaries in Graphic Narrative Will Moore
Review of Studying Comics and Graphic Novels Derek Parker Royal
Comics Scholarship Joins Broader Discussions about Popular Culture, Region and Race: Review of Comics and the U.S. South Kerry Soper
Review of From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels Jeff Thoss
Michael Phillips's Vision of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: A Review Essay Walton Wood


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