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ImageTexT Volume 6, Issue 3 Winter 2013

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Shakespeare and Visual Rhetoric

A special issue of ImageTexT edited by Richard Burt and Katherine Shaeffer

Editors' Introduction Katherine Shaeffer and Richard Burt


Visual Statements in Shakespearean Adaptations: Illustrating Romeo and Juliet for Children Cara Byrne
"To dignify some old costumed claptrap": Shakespearean Allusion and the Status of Text in the DC Comics of Grant Morrison Brandon Christopher
Shakespeare Manga: Early- or Post-modern? Svenn-Arve Myklebost
Interface Rhetoric in Shakespearean Comics: A Study of the Effect of Interface on the Construction of Shakespeare's Plays F. Vance Neill
The Tempest: Pastoral Romance or Colonial Critique? Margaret Roper
"These are not our Father's words!": Kill Shakespeare's Defense of the Meta-Text Jason Tondro


Review of The Metamorphoses of Tintin Andréa Gilroy
Review of Bradford W. Wright's Comic Book Nation Jeremiah Massengale
The Toils of a Clowes: A Review of Daniel Clowes: Conversations Shauna Osborn
Review of Dante's Divine Comedy by Seymour Chwast Nicholas A. Theisen


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