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ImageTexT Volume 3, Issue 2 Winter 2007

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William Blake and Visual Culture

A special issue of ImageTexT edited by Roger Whitson and Donald Ault

Introduction Roger Whitson,
Guest Editor
[essay] Minute Particulars and Quantum Atoms: The Invisible, the Indivisible, and the Visualizable in William Blake and in Niels Bohr Arkady Plotnitsky
[essay] Wordsworth Illustrates Blake ("All light is mute amid the gloom") Nelson Hilton
[essay] William Blake and the Novel Space of Revolution Ron Broglio
[essay] Blake's Lines: Seven Digressions Through Time and Space Esther Leslie
[essay] Panelling Parallax: The Fearful Symmetry of Alan Moore and William Blake Roger Whitson
[essay] Re-Visioning William Blake's The Four Zoas Donald Ault
[installation] William Blake: On the Infinite Plane Matthew Ritchie
[interview] Engraving the Void and Sketching Parallel Worlds: An Interview with Bryan Talbot Roger Whitson interviews Bryan Talbot
[collage] Tygers of Wrath John Coulthart
[comic] Mr. Blake's Company Joel Priddy
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