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ImageTexT Volume 6, Issue 1 Fall 2010

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Fidelity and Period Aesthetics in Comics Adaptation Matthew Bolton
The Violence Museum: Aesthetic Wounds from Popeye to We3 Jonathan Gaboury
Two Texts on "Comics" from China, ca. 1932:
"In Defense of 'Comic Strips'" by Lu Xun and "Comic Strip Novels" by Mao Dun
Sean Macdonald
When Photographs Aren't Quite Enough: Reflections on Photography and Cartooning in Le Photographe Nancy Pedri


Review of Charles M. Schulz's My Life With Charlie Brown Eric L. Berlatsky
Review of History and Politics in French-Language Comics and Graphic Novels Anne Cirella-Urrutia
Surveying the Field: Recent Scholarship on Superheroines Megan Condis
Review of Caped Crusaders 101: Composition through Comic Books Michael Dean
Book Art: a review of Art of McSweeney's Zara Dinnen
Review of Theodor SEUSS Geisel by Donald E. Pease Rebekah Fitzsimmons
Review of Drawing France: French Comics and the Republic Andréa L. Gilroy
Review of José Alaniz' Komiks: Comic Art in Russia Alison Mandaville
Review of Teaching Visual Literacy Clinton L. Robison
Review of Toni Johnson-Woods' MANGA Caleb Simmons
Review of Animators Unearthed: A Guide to the Best of Contemporary Animation Walton Wood


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